Swivel Vision For Hitting

“Keep your head on the ball.  You’ve got to hit it first, then look where it goes.  People get in trouble when they look for where the ball’s going and they haven’t even hit it yet.” – Mike Trout

One of the most common flaws with a hitter’s swing starts with their vision.  Swivel Vision was developed to train hitters to see the ball better and visually stay on the ball longer.

Swivel Vision trains hitters to focus and use their optimal field of vision (both eyes) to track every ball from initial release through point of contact.  By cutting off the peripheral vision, Swivel Vision provides instant feedback which doesn’t allow for hitters to pull their head and still see the ball make contact, and they will quickly learn to correct that bad habit.

With repetitive training, it will become a natural habit for hitters to utilize binocular vision (both eyes) and track each pitch properly to become more successful at the plate.

Swivel Vision For Fielding

One of the many issues that fielders face when charging at a tough ground ball is the natural human reaction to pull up too early to make a throw before successfully receiving the ball.

Swivel Vision blocks the lower field of vision for exactly this reason.  While training with Swivel Vision, the head is forced down to keep the eyes on the ball while having full glove extension and body squared up to make the play.   

Swivel Vision provides instant feedback to quickly correct any bad fielding habits.