Swivel Vision has helped me stay focused, react quicker, catch the ball better, and It keeps me more aware of my surroundings. I would never leave for a game without them. I think everyone should have one. It will change the future of how people will play sport.

— Jordan Campbell - Fullback, NFL

I have been using the Swivel Vision Goggles for only about 3 weeks with my 8 year old son. The change in his focus while hitting has been unreal. You used to see his eyes wander while standing in the batters box, and even as late as the pitcher in his delivery. In just 3 weeks the eyes don’t move. It’s really like tunnel vision. We use the goggles hitting off a tee, soft toss, hitting golf ball size wiffle balls and of course live hitting. With the results he is having on the field, we won’t stop using them......

— B. Mazone- P, Dodgers

Swivel Vision really helps me square up to every pitch and track the ball through point of contact. The focus is unreal! Great tool for any batter

— Alisa Goler- 1B, Chicago Bandits (NPF)

I play SS for New Mexico Highlands University. I’ve been using the goggles for a couple months now and the increase in focus, ball awareness, and the optimal ability to use peripheral vision has been simply unmatched. The fact that the goggles force you to zero in on the pigskin has made for unparalleled ball handling and sticky hands all together! Must have for all athletes!

— Wesbru- SS, New Mexico Highlands U. Navarro-Head-Shot

Finally a training aid that works! Swivel Vision literally forces your head and eyes to track every ball into your glove and helps with split second reaction speed for turning two.

— Clarisa Navarro- SS, USA Women's Baseball

Swivel Vision is great for focusing on the outside edges of the strike zone and has definitely increased my accuracy.

— Alison Owen - P, Akron Racers (formerly, Miss St.)

This product is great for all athletes who job it is to have focused attention on the objective. From Football players to soccer players, I have seen improved attention, focus, and reaction time in the athletes that I have trained using Swivel Vision.

— M. Guzman- High School Coach

I’m the coach of a very competitive 12 and under travel baseball team. Three months ago I purchased Swivel Vision goggles for every player on my team. Since we have been using them I have seen HUGE improvements in every area of our game. We use them every practice for the whole practice. In the past couple months we have had fewer errors than ever. The boys are getting to the ball quicker and making plays that before would’ve been just out of reach. We use them for batting practice too. At first the boys had a hard time hitting, complaining they couldn’t see the ball. It proved what I had been telling them all along (They are pulling their heads). The goggles forced them to keep their eyes on the ball all the way in. After a few sessions they were hitting the ball with the goggles no problem. During games their reaction time with the goggle off was incredible. We tell the boys this is a game of inches. With these goggle I think we have found the tool that will help us pick up that extra step we needed to make us even better. Great job with this product.

— Greg - Murrieta Redhawks 12U Coach