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A journey that began on the sidelines of a high school football field in Norco, California. As a dedicated High School Football Coach, I couldn't ignore a recurring issue among players – a struggle to identify their keys and reads, a lack of focus that affected every position. Distractions seemed to be everywhere, hindering their performance. It became clear that a solution was needed to restrict players' vision and sharpen their focus.

The spark of an idea took form in my mind, quickly translated into a drawing, and eventually secured with a Provisional Patent. Realizing the potential impact, I sought a teammate, and that's when my lifelong friend, Joe Valenti, joined the journey. Armed with ski goggles from a sporting goods store, rubber base, and duct tape from a hardware store, we set to work. By removing the lens, cutting out the rubber base, and taping it to the sides of the ski goggles, we successfully blocked peripheral vision – a game-changer! The Utility Patent was granted, marking a significant milestone.

With a vision in hand, we found a lab to create a prototype and produced a limited quantity for both youth and adults. Our next step took us to sports conventions and tournaments, where our innovative goggles received overwhelming acclaim. Yet, we recognized the need for improvement – a sleeker design that fits comfortably under a helmet. Back to the drawing board and the lab, we refined our product into the current one-size-fits-all, proudly made in the USA.

As our journey continued, my son Ryan joined the team, spearheading the marketing efforts. Thus, a business was born, evolving to the point where professional athletes, alongside youth and adults, now train with Swivel Vision across a spectrum of sports. Our commitment to enhancing focus and performance has transformed a simple idea into a thriving venture, making a positive impact on athletes at all levels. Join us in celebrating the evolution of Swivel Vision – where innovation meets dedication, and success follows focus.

Jim Konkler, President

Swivel Vision

Meet Locker Innovations

Meet Mike and Derek Locker, the dynamic duo and founding partners of Locker Innovations, LLC. With a combined vision and expertise, they lead a globally acclaimed enterprise dedicated to empowering inventors, entrepreneurs, and business proprietors on their journey to success. Over the past three decades, Locker Innovations has earned recognition for consistently providing customized solutions that propel their partners toward optimal success. The Lockers' journey into innovative solutions took an exciting turn when they crossed paths with the Swivel Vision team during the filming of the television show "Boom America." After witnessing the pitch presentation, both Derek and Mike recognized the immense potential of Swivel Vision's groundbreaking concept. Drawing from their own experiences as athletes, they understood the critical yet often neglected aspects of focus, vision, and reaction in sports. In their own words, "Derek and I had the opportunity to meet the Swivel Vision team while shooting a TV show called Boom America. After the pitch presentation, both Derek and I knew these guys were on to something big. Being athletes ourselves and understanding how to compete, the key areas that are most neglected are focus, vision, and reaction. Using the Swivel Vision goggles for training helps improve those areas, making for a better athlete."As Swivel Vision Partners, Mike and Derek Locker bring their passion for athletics and their commitment to excellence to the forefront. Their collaboration with Swivel Vision is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the performance of athletes by addressing fundamental aspects that contribute to success. Join them on their journey as they continue to redefine the landscape of innovation and empowerment in the business world.

Goggles to be used for non-contact practice only – not for protective use!
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